MSI GT76 Titan laptop

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Product Description

The MSI GT76 Titan offers excellent gaming and overall performance and a beautiful 4K display, but it's pricey.


  • Blistering performance with desktop CPU.
  • RGB lighting galore.
  • Impressive-sounding speakers.
  • Overclockable processor.
  • Surprisingly good battery life.


  • Huge and expensive.
  • Very loud fans during full-tilt gaming.
  • 4K display looks great but lacks G-Sync.
  • Requires two power adapters.
  • No dedicated gaming macro keys or cable lock slot.
  • Warranty just one year.

MSI GT76 Titan laptop specifications

The laptop contains two versions, one of which has the GT76 Titan DT 9SG code number and the other has the GT76 Titan DT 9SF code number, and both contain a Core i9-9900K processor Upto 5 GHz on the 8 cores, the difference between the two models is in the graphics card as the computer that contains The number DT 9SG contains the giant graphics card RTX 2080 from Nvidia, while the second version that contains the number 9SF contains the graphics card RTX 2070.

To supply these components with energy, the computer comes with a dual power supply of 2 x 230 watts with an all-new cooling system that contains 4 fans and 11 cooling tubes, which is capable of providing 2.25 more powerful cooling capacity than usual in gaming laptops.

The computer has a 17.3-inch 4K IPS screen with small edges, as for the contact, the computer contains the best and latest MSI calling cards with the Killer DoubleShot Pro network card, which now supports connection speeds of up to 2.5 Gbps with communication technology Wireless Wi-Fi 6, with four ports for a variety of storage disks between the traditional SATA ports and the latest NVME, the computer provides complete freedom to add and develop your storage space and you will also be able to add random memories up to 128 GB with four other RAM ports so that this laptop is just like a desktop computer .

MSI, which has a long history of design and aesthetics, has also not overlooked the design of the laptop from aluminum and carbon fiber to be of an attractive and wonderful shape, as it has put their own cooling system Mystic Light in the keyboard in addition to a flashing strip on the computer from the front.